Tomita’s Miniaturization Technology

Expertise in Minatuarization Technology of Ferrite Cores

Tomita's expertise in small size ferrite can provide the best solution to the customers.

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The World's Smallest

What are your concerns?

  1. [Downsizing / Shape Design] Unstable magnetic flux. Bad accuracy in detection distance.
  2. [Heating / Temperature Change] Large fluctuation of permeability in wide range of temperature. Characteristics unstable.
  3. [Development / Delivery / Cost] Want to avoid extending devepment time
  4. [High Efficiency / Power Loss] Low Bm and big power loss in wide frequency range. Problems in heating of a power unit.
Tomita Solutions

Tomita's Miniaturization Technology / 4Ms

World-class technology
of mold micro processing

Expertise in small size products with world-class micro processing technology.

World-class technology of mold micro processing

Short Lead Time
Quality Control

Material, mold and ferrite core production. Tomita can support from the beginning stage for ferrites and coils.
Small lot, flexible and total production. Sample can be ready in almost half time of other manufacturers.

Short Lead Time / Quality Control

The Industry's
Top Level of Materials

More than 20 types of materials for both Ni and Mn. Tomita can offer suitable material for your application and working frequency.

Customer' Request Example

  • Faster charging time
  • Higher sensitivity to extend detection distance
  • Need new material for higher communication speed

Tomita can offer suitable ferrites & transformers
Tomita can support your product development

The Industry's Top Level of Materials

Micro Processing Technology

Problems in processeing (slanting surface, level difference). Tomita can solve processing requirements.

Micro Processing Technology
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