As long as there is infinite possibility of ferrites, Tomita’s goal to develop the electronics technology is endless.

FERRITES are widely used as a base material in the development of domestic electrical appliances to highly sophisticated electronic equipment. They have supported electronic development as a carrier for the rapid growth of communications within our society. Electronic products, such as domestic appliances, could not have a compact design without ferrites. It is because of the small size of these products that they have become as popular as they are today.
As the 21st century is just opening and there is a concern about environmental preservation, expectations from applied technology of ferrites is increasingly high.

TOMITA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., a specialist ferrite manufacturer, has been consistent in supplying high quality and efficient products since its inception. TOMITA’s greatest asset is its monopolistic technology, which has accumulated through its unique production system.

TOMITA is armed with this superb technology to continue quality upgradation of technology and to give thrust to develop of superior products in the future.As long as the limitless potential in ferrites exists, there is no end to TOMITA’s endeavor in accepting the challenges of development in new electronic technology.


In 1952, TOMITA’s first product, the IFT (Intermediate Frequency Transformer) is displayed in the president’s office. Today, that product stands as a symbol continuously watching over the development of new products.
For almost half a century there has been a steady demand for ferrites, as the development of electronic products increases.

TOMITA, with its well-planned and experienced technological developments, can meet the current and future demands of the electronics market.
The TOMITA brand name is recognized for its high quality and efficiency, our products are considered highly reliable in the domestic and overseas markets.

TOMITA’s history is the history of electronics.